Service Guide#

This is the community and user documentation for 2i2c’s Managed JupyterHub Service. It is divided into a number of roles and personas with relevant topics for each.

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Here are a few other locations with relevant information about 2i2c’s services.

This documentation is structured into sections that are meant for various roles and personas. We describe each below.

About the service#

These sections describe the hub service at an organizational level. They are meant for individuals who wish to learn about the service for their own purposes or to advocate for its use to others.

Use the hub#

Covers end-user workflows that are common for cloud-native workflows with interactive computing.

Administer the hub#

Information for those with the hub administrator role on a JupyterHub. These cover many things that you can do to manage and configure your hub and its infrastructure.

Community leadership#

Covers topics relevant to those that are leading others in a community.

Community representatives#

Documentation for those serving as Community Representatives. These tend to cover technical, administrative, invoicing, and collaborative processes for interacting with 2i2c’s team on behalf of your community.

Reference material#

Lists and programmatically-generated content to serve as a quick reference.