Usecases and prices#

Our Hub Service is an open, scalable, sustainable cloud service for interactive computing environments. We offer cloud infrastructure hubs that are designed for use-cases in research and education, and flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of each community.

They run entirely on community-driven and open-source infrastructure, follow a community-centric collaborative service model, and give you the right to replicate your infrastructure.

A table summarizing our services and their prices are at the link below. The rest of the pages in this section describe the cloud services that we offer and the use-cases they are designed for. See Our collaborative service model for more about our collaborative service model.

Our service offerings and prices

An overview of our infrastructure#

The section below provides an overview of our infrastructure and the technical features that are available in any of our hubs.

Education use-cases#

JupyterHub is excellent for educational use-cases, such as providing a cloud-based learning environment for large-scale data science teaching or domain-specific cloud-enabled science.

Research use-cases#

JupyterHub is an excellent gateway to cloud-based resources and data analytics environments. It can be used as a part of distributed scientific collaborations, scientific communities with cloud-based worklfows, and scalable analytics environments for research teams.