Begin a new hub service#

These instructions describe how to set up a new hub for your community. Follow the sections below to do so.

Confirm with a 2i2c team member#

2i2c runs JupyterHubs as a service in exchange for a managed service fee. Before getting a hub for your community, speak with a 2i2c representative to agree on the details of your service as well as the managed service fee.

You can learn more about the 2i2c Managed JupyterHub Service here.

If you’re interested in getting a hub for your community, click the button below.

Learn more about the service

Send us an email

Identify a Community Representative#

The Community Representative is the main point of contact between the community and the 2i2c Engineering Team. There can be up to two Community Representatives per hub. See Shared responsibility model for more details on this role.

Fill in the “New Hub” GitHub template#

We use a GitHub issue template to ask a few questions about your hub deployment that will help us deploy it. Click the button below to go to the form:

Go to new Hub Form

Feel free to communicate with the team members in that issue to help clarify how the infrastructure should be set up.

Get support#

Once the hub is up and running, you should use the 2i2c support channels to get support in modifying your hub. See Get support for instructions on how to do this.