The fee for the 2i2c Hub Service is paid monthly. This covers the services provided as described above. The cost of the hub service is highly dependent on the use-case, complexity of the environment, and cloud resources that are needed. In the alpha phase, 2i2c’s goal is to offer hubs at a bespoke price that is sustainable for both us and the communities we serve.


This page is here for informational purposes to help communities understand the potential costs of using infrastructure with 2i2c. Our infrastructure and service is in an “alpha” phase, so these numbers will likely change and will be highly variable, and the estimates will be intentionally vague and may be missing some information. We will update this information as we learn more about how to best-shape the 2i2c Managed JupyterHubs service.

If you’d like a quote

If you’d like a quote for estimated cloud costs and the management fee for your hub service, please fill out this Google form to understand your use-case.

There are two major components to the price of 2i2c’s Managed JupyterHubs service: DevOps fees, and Cloud Costs. We give an overview of major considerations for each below.

DevOps costs

2i2c provides “DevOps as a Service” for the communities that it serves. This means that we design, operate, develop, and support the cloud infrastructure that powers each JupyterHub. For a more in-depth description of what this entails, see What will 2i2c provide?.

As the 2i2c Managed JupyterHubs service is in an alpha stage, we are still researching and understanding what the price of these DevOps services will be. We’ll fill in more details in this section as we understand them better, but in the meantime here are a few guidelines that we’ll use for our pricing:

2i2c DevOps fees should be:

  • Competitive with other “Data Science environment as a service” offerings.

  • An amount that is sustainable for the communities we serve, with mechanisms to accommodate institutions with fewer resources.

  • An amount that allows 2i2c to both sustain itself and thrive, and covers our time developing and supporting open source projects as part of the service.

Cloud costs

How much will my cloud costs be?

This is difficult to estimate ahead of time, because it is heavily dependent on the primary use-case and size of your community, and because cloud vendors change the cost of their machines often (though they don’t change by much).

We recommend checking out the following resources to learn more about cloud costs. None of these are guarantees about costs, but should give you a general idea.

Who pays for cloud costs?

You should pay only for the cloud costs you actually incur, and you should have control over the financial resources available to run your infrastructure. 2i2c has two approaches to handle cloud billing:

You manage billing, we manage infrastructure. If you’d like to manage your own cloud billing, or have credits to use, simply give us permissions to run infrastructure that uses this account. 2i2c is then not involved in managing your cloud bill at all. We can provide guidance for setting up alerts / checkpoints on the billing if you wish.

We manage both billing and infrastructure. If you wish that 2i2c also manage cloud billing for the Hub infrastructure, 2i2c will manage a billing account for you (and give you administrative access to it). We will send you an additional “Cloud Billing” invoice. This will be used to purchase credits that are used to run your hub’s infrastructure.

An overview of our cloud pricing options and how 2i2c fits in with each.